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Julianne T. Longman

Creative Storyteller - Multimedia Artist



In the modern world, businesses have the ability to communicate with their audiences through a variety of channels. Keeping your content on brand regardless of the medium creates a clear image for your business. I create video content, printed collateral, logos and written content in brand for diverse industries.


Branded Writing

Keeping your messaging in brand helps illustrate your business's story and connect with your audience. I write and research for both inbound communications and marketing material. Let me help engage your audience!


Video Editing

Videos have the ability to capture audiences through multiple senses, engrossing them in the story. I have been creating and editing documentary and narrative films for over a decade. Contact me to create your story!


Graphic Design Work

I am an expert at creating branded flyers and handouts for events, business communications and advertising purposes. I assist with brand and logo ideation and I design both digital and print marketing material for diverse industries.







I am a creative storyteller and an artist. I am passionate about consistent branding and capturing audiences through storytelling and imagery. I believe in the power of video to engage with audiences by evoking emotional connection. I pride myself on advanced time-management and organizational skills. I am a creative problem solver and approach every obstacle with enthusiasm - as a chance to find new and innovative solutions. I am a recent Suffolk University MBA Graduate. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Marketing at The University of Connecticut in three years with a minor in Digital Arts.

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